Copyright Or Your Right?

In the world of techno music or electronic music, you often have to borrow from artists and composers alike. This opens you up to litigations and other dangers. Are you aware of your rights as a DJ, EDM or other kind of musician? Do you know what you can and cannot do with the music of others? Can you protect yourself by taking any kind of insurance?

First of all you have to understand that insurance for musicians and composers is not like conventional van insurance or even your typical life insurance. It is actually more about taking a set of policies that are designed to protect you, your music and give you the freedom to work without worrying about a competing artist suing you for copyright infringement.

Look, the basics still apply. You still must take the permission of the artist who owns the rights to that particular piece of creation. You still have to provide credits to the artist and okay it with your production studio. Even 100 year old vinyl records kept in a dusty storage centres are still subject to copyright rules. But, beyond that you really cannot be certain that you will not be slapped with a lawsuit. There are myriad reasons why you might get called to court and it need not necessarily always deal with copyright!

You could hurt the sentiment of an audience or someone in the audience and get a lawsuit filed against your name. Your competitors decide to play dirty with you and drag you down to court. The possibilities are really endless and the only real way you can stay protected is by taking sufficient insurance cover. Also remember that if you hire or employ others under you or even freelance then you will need a more comprehensive cover that protects their contracts and them too. After all, once a contract between your employee and you is signed, there are mandatory regulations forcing you to provide compensation in numerous situations!

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