EDM Is Indeed Real Music And Here’s Why

This question has been bothering masses for years now. In fact, if you think about it – somewhere in your past someone would have made a harsh comment on how EDM is a ripoff and those kids make money selling stuff they don’t even have the right to. This question has troubled us quite a lot over the years and answering it actually needs a thesis paper more than a small post but we will still give it a try.

To start with electronic music is still music and it needs quite a good amount of knowledge to produce, craft and release. Think about a conventional instrument such as a guitar. Knowing how to play the guitar does not make you a musician but rather making music from that guitar does make you a musician. You can have some neat tricks such as playing few notes super quick but that still will not qualify you as a musician. Likewise, electronic music needs expertise but what kind of expertise? This is the question that many are dumbfounded by. Some EDM artists believe that the more knowledge a musician has the more EDM he or she is. Some believe those with dexterous fingers become better EDM artists. Fact is all this is just ridiculous assumptions and nothing more.

But to understand why EDM is real you have to differentiate between traditional music and electronic music. So let’s take a look at recordings then.

When you listen to “real” music you are actually listening to a recording that took place some time in the past. Electronic music however is not a recording that took place long in the past but is more of an intricate set of instructions that a speaker pumps out whenever the track is played. Regardless, the fact remains that the two things are recordings and ultimately experienced as exported sound files. This is how music is consumed today and in this regards there is no difference in the way real and electronic music is consumed.

Today in fact, any music that plays on the television is electronic – even the recorded artist playbacks. Yes, this is because they are digitally stored and then played back either on the television or online through radios. So, how exactly is the anatomy of that any different from EDM then?

A proper answer to this question will take a lot more time but the point still remains that pointing out a difference between traditional music with instruments and EDM does not exist in recordings and playbacks. The only time this difference comes out is in a live performance but that’s about it.

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